by Sos

Arroms - drive

Control- handbrake

Wreck havoc, to get to Atrocity!

Don't kill in Atrocity! It's a waste!

Find the big red Atro Gem there!

Don't run out of people!

It's not fun alone!

is it?!

Wreck havoc to transfer to Atrocity.
When you wreck enough havoc, you will have 5 seconds to build it even more up!
The better you do, the more time you can spend in atrocity!
Your goal is to find the ruby Atro Gem in Atrocity (a big red thingie)
If you don't have any more people, and is ALONE in the Afrocity, you become a loser.

Stage3D setup tips (if it runs slow)
1. Update drivers (seriously) drivers get fixes for flash player all the time, keep up!
2. Check if your hardware is supported (note this line: "[unsupported] Any Intel GMA driver before X.X.10.2021" )
3. Right click the game, choose settings, and tick the 'Enable hw acceleration' box. If this game lags too much, do this on other flash game and refresh this tab.

by Sos made for Ludum Dare 22