Ludum Dare I'm in declaration upload thingie v4

Please upload a short video of you saying I'm in, please introduce yourself as well
Please keep it short! (pretty please *does the eyelash thing*)
Please see the LD20 keynote for reference
Please see the LD21 I'm in compilation for more reference
Press the red button to start / stop recording and hit Save after you're OK with the recording
If you saved the video and want to record another one for some reason, you need to refresh the page
Please type your name in the box before saving the video
Please use the high quality option unless your bandwidth seriously sucks
If you want to say something more, please do so

I want to have this done by LD22, so do not hestitate to do this at work :P
Also, no one will see this before publishing the keynote

EDIT: This doesn't seem to work, so please introduce yourself in the vid:P
EDIT2: Be original ;)

PS. I love you!